Leather texture iPhone12 wallet phone case evaluation

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   The iPhone 12 wallet phone case, the PC bottom support is made by fine sewing, heat melting, voltage and other processes. Seven times the activity of the oily edge, the body is plump, soft and durable, not easy to fluff, the edges will not burst, and the use time is longer. Work strictly in accordance with luxury goods. The iPhone 12 leather phone case has a matte frosted texture, is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, has excellent shock absorption, anti-drop protection, and is easy to disassemble.

   This is also an iPhone 12 flip phone case, which well retains the exposure of the camera, headphone jack, on-off key, and volume key, and the incoming call ringtone has no effect. The reservation of each hole is also in place, and every place with a hole is accurately reserved. The fit is perfect without sagging.

   The camera hole is not only accurate, but also large enough to not only protect the prominent camera, but also won't affect the shooting effect of iPhone12/12 pro.

   This is also an iPhone 12 magnetic buckle protective case. It adopts a personalized magnetic buckle design, which can be attached to the front and back, and will not cause any trouble to the usual operation.

   The iPhone 12 wallet phone case is lined with different colors of leather, which is comfortable to the touch and can provide good protection for the phone. It is resistant to cold and heat, does not deform, and can hold the phone firmly, but it will never scratch. There is an inner pocket design on the inside of the flip cover, which can hold small objects such as credit cards and business cards. Very convenient. Cleverly integrates the functions of the wallet, making the use more elegant and fashionable. With high-quality character sewing technology, good screen and body protection capabilities, multi-card slot design and wallet function are more convenient for business people to use.

   It is worth mentioning that this is an iPhone 12 stand phone case. The iPhone 12 stand phone case can meet the needs of watching videos. Meet the daily basic operations, more humane.

  After the trial, I left a very good impression on this iPhone 12 leather phone case. This is mainly due to its high-quality internal and external materials and design style. There is a certain sense of business in the hand. After being installed on the iPhone, the performance is also very good. It can be perfectly integrated with the body without any looseness, but the function as a bracket is also more practical and very user-friendly.

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