Share my feelings of using the transparent case of Galaxy S21

wangxiqin99 2021-9-15 182

   HOOMIL Samsung Galaxy S21 Clear Case.This phone case is pretty good.The textured is strong enough to protect my phone.And the size is also suitable for my Samsung s21 phone,it does not affect the use of buttons.I like it very much.Just got a new S21 5G and tried out several cases.I never used a clear case before and wasn't sure if I was going to like it (especially since I wasn't crazy about the phantom violet color I got because they were out of gray).I also ordered 2 other cases that were not see through but looked cool.After trying them all out I quickly decided to stick with the clear case,for the simple reason it was the grippiest.I chose safety over looks.Half of protecting your phone is not dropping it in the first place,and this clear case is noticeably grippier than the other 2.I feel much more confident handling my phone with this case,even if I don't like the phone colors.However,if you do want to maintain the look of your phone colors,the clear case does a good job of letting them show through without radically altering the overall look.This case also seems like it would offer better drop protection because the all TPU construction feels,and looks,more cushiony than the mixed plastic/TPU materials on the other 2 cases I tried.I am pretty happy with my choice.

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  • Quentin 2021-9-15
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    Maybe  I  should  also  start  a  transparent  case  for  the  iPhone  13?
  • wangxiqin99 2021-9-16
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    Quentin Maybe I should also start a transparent case for the iPhone 13?
    Yes  you  can  try  it
  • Steven 2021-9-16
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    I  bought  HOOMIL's  wallet-style  phone  case  for  my  Galaxy  S20  FE
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